Bildsoft Safest 2006
Do you really think that your work is protected?

Managing Password in this unsafe world is the biggest concern of most of all, few years ago the only solution we had for this problem was to use as unique password as possible.

The recent rise in computer and identity theft places even more emphasis on using secure passwords: No more spouse names, pet names, or birthplaces, as we are more exposed to threads in online world. With each and every new technology comes to protect our files and data hackers make their way to retrieve the password and we are left with nothing and this is the biggest concern of every person using the Computer and internet.

Each time hackers come with a new way to access our private files and data such as they use programs to search our files where we have kept our password for reminder purpose or they attempt to access it by our secret question no matter what is their method to access our files it harms us equally.

Here We come with the Safest Algorithm to protect your data from all the possible threats.

Bildsoft Safest 2006 came up with an algorithm which use two passwords to protect your data at best , this algorithm (AES 256) is used by high official such as administration offices and military bureaus in U.S.A.

Technical Details
Bildsoft Safest 2006 protect password by encryption in the source code, user type two passwords for their file but the software encrypt 4 times the same file with 4 different passwords so no matter if a user write those two passwords somewhere or any irrelevant person got access of those passwords anyhow wouldn’t be able to access the file and data with those user selected passwords so no doubt this is the Safest method to protect your file.

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