Bildsoft Crypter 2006


Try to imagine the possibility to protect your files or your job in complete safety and reliability.


With Bildsoft Crypter 2006 now you can. Thanks to an innovative encryption technology you can protect every  file from hackers. This time our technology doesn't only protect your files but also hide them completely.


Crypter creates virtual hard disks, in which you can install programs, store files, do everything you want; and then, when you have finished, you can hide the virtual disk.

It will be impossible for whoever to view them, except for who had previously chosen the password.


A guarantee for you and for your privacy.



Technical Details

Bildsoft Crypter allows you to create, encrypt and hide virtual hard disks.


You can hide every type of file or software, encrypting and making them irrecoverable from any hacker.


  • The most powerful, fast and reliable available encryption technology available;

  • Faster tasks thanks to Bildsoft Crashless 2006;

  • Simple and intuitive user interface;

  • Technical support 24/7 by Bildsoft Corporation;

  • User manual available;

  • No space-limits for the virtual hard disks.


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Price: $19.95
2006 Edition

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